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Million Dollar Dream Homes

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Imagine a world where money is no object, a world where if the question is, 'can I?' The answer is, 'yes'. Well in this show you will found out what kind of properties these lucky few call home.
Together with and the help of our expert panel, we are providing you with answers to the questions you have submitted through the forum.

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Property Panorama

Sarah Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

Dream Homes with Oliver Heath

From American architecture to Swedish design, the series takes us to the origin of the inspiration. This is a real tour de force of big ideas translated into spectacular new homes.
A must watch for those in the industry - Property Panorama is Property TV's weekly current affairs show which brings you the industries most informative experts on up-to-date topics.
Sarah Beeny is the property developer with one huge problem! We follow Sarah and Graham, surrounded by their children and builders as they battle to restore their country house to its original magnificence.

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