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 Why is it that some people manage to achieve great wealth while others are never able to even rub two pennies together? The quick answer to that is; the actions we take.
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Marcus has now also written a 104 page book dedicated to the subject of Cryptocurrencies which includes:

- What are the main cryptocurrencies?
- How are prices determined?
- How to start buying cryptocurrencies?
- Which strategies can be used?
- How to profit from ICOs?
- The future of cryptocurrency
- And 12 more chapters

Because changes in cryptocurrencies happen on an almost day to day basis Marcus will not be printing his book because it will be outdated within months.

The book is only downloadable online and Property TV has made this available by filling in the form on this screen.


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Property TV has teamed up with to answer any question you may have regarding property. are passionate about free property education and wanted to provide an additional platform where their members can benefit from the expertise of leading property industry professionals. Therefore, together we launched the Property Forum Chat Show. With a panel of property experts answering our members' questions directly on the show, each episode focuses around a specific topic and features two property experts from that particular field of expertise.

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