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After ‘professional’ wealth managers lost him £151,600 in 18 months and then fired him for having a too low net worth, Graham Rowan, who is often referred to as the 'renegade investor', is on a mission. A mission to rid the world of financial illiteracy.

In the first installment of this four part series Graham goes from building sites to Westminster, meeting Paul Watson (Platinum Property Partners), Tajinder Bhalla (Tax Director, DJ Colom & Co) and Jeremy McGivern (Mercury Homesearch) along the way to talk about residential property.

More episodes

In the 2nd installment of this four part series Graham meets Justin Urquhart Stewart (Seven Investment Management), Andrew Craig (Plain English Finance), Dominic Frisby (Money Week Writer) and Jim Mellon (Burnbrae Group) to talk about differnt stratergies in stock market investing.
In the 3rd instalment of this 4 part series we travel from abandoned office blocks to the valleys of Wales to meet Robert Whitton (Affinity Global Real Estate) and Gavin Woodhouse (Northern Powerhouse Developments) to talk about offices, hotels and even theme park developments.
In the 4th instalment of this 4 part series we travel from the vaults of one of the oldest gold dealers in London to the Office of Wealth & Pensions to meet Dominic Frisby (Money Week Writer), John Hill (Valiant Capital) and Rod Thomas to talk about alternative investments.


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