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Property TV is the UK’s only television channel dedicated to entertainment, education and up-to date information about the property market, investment and home improvements in both the UK & overseas.

The blend of entertainment and informative content ensures a wide range of viewers from the general public to property industry professionals. This in turn creates a unique platform for our commercial partners.

As the only television channel in the UK providing up to date news and views about the property industry we deliver the right environment for advertisers and sponsors in the property sector.

Property TV provides a highly valuable opportunity for those featured on the channel to raise their own professional profile

Uplift in Brand Authority

Aside from the measurable exposure benefits, being featured on TV also enables you to increase the effectiveness of all your printed advertising by allowing you to put the bright red, 'As Seen on TV' sticker on all your marketing materials, giving your company a market-leading appearance.

Property TV has been home to over 70 national and international brands. Being seen alongside these brands creates a unique opportunity to uplift your businesses brand recognition.
Here at Property TV, we understand that not all of the population are Sky subscribers. It is for this reason that we created the Property TV Smart TV Application making the channel available to almost every connected smart TV and mobile device across the UK & the world.

Meaning that you can be found on IOS and Android mobile devices, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Ruko.

This world wide accessibility means that wherever you or your client are, you will always be able to demonstrate that you are an authority in your industry.
Would you like to be associated and seen along side these UK and world leading brands?

National TV Reach

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Television has a larger reach in the UK than any other form of media. Every week television reaches between 92-94% of the population, compared to commercial radio which is only ever listened to by 41% of the population and newspapers which are only purchased by 20% of the UK population daily. The advantages of using television to gain mass exposure are clear.

Property TV broadcasts on SKY and has recorded peak audiences of up to 237,000 per day.

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